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  • Market Based Estimates

    Establishing a Market Based estimate early in a project can ensure your project expectations and design are aligned. PCM engages local contractors as early as schematic design, rounds out the budget with in-house estimates and contingency allowances to provide cost projections. This provides critical data for: feasibility, alternative comparisons, and budget adherence. It also gets subcontractors in tune with your project and ensures they keep resources available for your project.

  • Owner's Agent

    PCM will work with the Owner to determine requirements of the project. Once established, PCM will vigorously pursue program updates, schematics, cost studies, schedule, and establish a baseline budget.

    As construction nears, PCM establishes contracts, procures long lead items, and works with the team to ensure schedule adherence. This flows into oversight of the construction process. PCM ensures communication is flowing through the project team. The Owner is provided regular updates including reports of key decisions, schedule, and budget. This process ensures the Owner’s time devoted to the project is effective and concise.

  • Owner/Contractor Assist

    For the Owner that wants to self perform and oversee contracts, Pingora Construction Management can assist with budget, schedule, subcontractor selection, and inspections. We create construction management plans to accommodate challenging logistics. Whether it’s site or internal facility operations PCM will devise a plan to keep construction flowing. Whether you want a little help, or a lot, PCM will assist with your project.

  • Construction Manager as General Contractor

    Pingora Construction Management holds a Class A Contractor’s License; there are no limits to what we can build together! Agency is the core value when executing as General Contractor, putting the Owner’s values and expectations at the forefront of all decisions. PCM will perform all the construction services and hold the contracts.

Construction Delivery Methods

Construction Management engages a construction industry professional early in project development to provide the Constructor’s perspective. Your Construction Manager works with real estate agents, planners, legal consultants, building officials and designers to ensure your project meets your needs and is executable under the regulations imposed on properties. Getting the Construction Manager started at the conceptual level can shorten the duration of your project.

Construction Management has been developed and refined in the last half century to overcome some of the pitfalls of the Traditional Method. It creates an opportunity for the quickest turnaround and is popular with developers and clients that perform multiple construction projects due to the efficiency.

Traditional Construction delivery involves separating phases of the design and building. The Design team works with an owner to create a complete set of project documents. The documents are then sent out for Bid to interested constructors. After a review of bids, a constructor is selected and construction begins.

This has been the prominent delivery method for public projects. The theory is that when constructors compete for the project the best price is achieved. However, the time expended is a cost in itself. Further complicating the process analyzing the bids and ensuring the same product will be delivered in the same time.

Executing a one of a kind construction project requires bringing together many people in a singular focus. Getting a Construction Manager on the team means there is one point of contact looking after your project through completion. You can rest assured knowing that the design matches program needs and installation matches the design – one cohesive process.

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